About us

NordPoint Consulting Finland Oy is a private, independent company offering property services. We are part of the Estonian NordPoint Development Oü Group and the body of undertakings owned by civil engineer Gaido Kentem. The total turnover of NordPoint Development Oü and Gaido Kentem stakeholder companies is over 15 million euros.

Our main line of business is property consulting, and we also operate in construction consulting, dwelling services, corporate restructuring, and corporate consulting. Place of sale and business location consulting as well as shopping centre consulting are also an integral part of our business operations. In addition, we are specialised in consultation with forwarding, transport and logistics firms regarding the need for and creation of business premises. We act as a nationwide consultancy in the construction of entire Arava-financed blocks of social housing and investment blocks of flats, and in the sale and construction of various dwelling portfolios. We offer nationwide property consulting services and specialist services in terms of land use and construction. In addition, our subsidiary NordPoint Development Finland Oy (NPDF) carries out property development operations on a nationwide basis, across Finland.

NordPoint Consulting Finland Oy employs 5–7 people on average, and our entire staff has been working in the property and construction sector for a long time. The company’s turnover is approximately one million euros, but we are seeking growth and aiming for a turnover of approximately 2.5-3 million euros for 2018-2019.

Our nationwide competence and reach speaks for itself with our collaboration teams proficient in the market situation throughout Finland and hence all its municipalities and regions. As mentioned above, we operate across the whole of Finland. The members of our team responsible for customer care are in constant contact with all key property owners and retail chains looking for business premises. Furthermore, and we continuously monitor the needs of the top 1,000-2,000 largest companies in Finland. In doing so, we also stay in constant touch with the Finnish property market. We track and stay in active contact with parties investing in domestic and foreign properties and ‘keep up to speed’ with the Finnish property market and investor transactions. Thanks to our significant regional activity, our extensive regional and municipal investor network is also at your disposal, in addition to notable national institutional investors, should you be looking for a buyer or investor for your property or property development project. Whether you are looking for an investment or an investor, we remain at your service anywhere in Finland. As our customer, we strive to offer you all the different services relating to the property business in one location – right here with us at NordPoint Group.

Our own staff and the cooperation partners in our network, with their 20–30 years of experience in central business management positions across the property, construction and business sectors, and substantial projects relating to business premises that our key people have implemented in the sectors of property and business premise consulting and property development and construction, provide significant expertise and a substantial reference base for you to rest assured of the success of your project.

We welcome you as a customer. We sincerely believe that you will be pleased you took the decision to entrust our professional organisation with your property and business premise affairs. Our prowess in this field has been obtained through hard work and delivering results. It is worth emphasising the fact that our active approach, fearless attitude and nimble footwork with regard to even the toughest properties deliver the best possible results every time.